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I'd like to tell you why I made a blog. First of all I want to help people with their birds. Secondly I chose to write this in honor of my parakeets death oct 8th of 2012. Please note that I am not a vet just a parakeet owner. I hope that this blog will fill the needs. Enjoy!!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What every bird owner should know

Getting a new parakeet? 

           Parakeets live for about 8 to 15 years if kept healthy. It is good to Clean their cage once a week and more if you have more then one even if you just wipe down their toys and thinks that are dirty. A big tip when cleaning the cage, If you pet any type of bedding litter or even paper. No matter where you put it make sure the cage is dry. If not it will mold and mold will kill your parakeet.
Having a parakeet seems like a lot of responsibility, It's just like a dog only we get use to handling a dog or cat. With any animal always be sure to look up what your unsure of.
Trust me their worth it.

 parakeets will not warm up to you right away the may want to hide. 

Can never be to careful!!

My bird was about 6-8 months old. He was a beautiful bird. He had blue, black, white and, like a greenish blue in him. He talked. He could say pretty boy, hi pettie (other birds name), hi pretty and, made water and toot noises.

One day a kitten was dropped off at our house and was hurt so we took him in and cared for him. Then put him outside with the other cats. He always wanted in and we would sometimes bring him in. Then one morning I had all the cage doors open for the birds so they could come out and at the same time I forgot and let the kitten in. I had my brother hold him as he played his game and I walked away. When I came back in I saw the kittens head in my parakeets cage and my bird screaming. Then I yelled at my brother and pulled him out and watched my birds heavy breathing as I cried. We took him to the vet and he was so weak he couldn't stand but he got so excited when we had got home. He saw the other bird and jumped right out of my hands and hit the floor and when I picked him up he died in my hands.
-very sad but true
Parakeets are very genital birds who need lots of love and care for. Make sure you have time for them. Always be careful and protective of your bird. 

How to tell the sex of a parakeet and how they will act


         This is my male parakeet. A males nose will be blue, pink or, purple. sometimes males will have a mix of colors like pink and blue or blue and purple. The brighter the colors the better to tell. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT COLOR THE BIRDS BODY IS, ONLY BY THE COLOR OF THE NOSE.
       Males are more out to talk then a female, they also like mirrors and toys. they will start out making little sounds and wont be clear when they talk. The more that you work with the birds and say the same things, the more they are out to talk and be clear.


      The female parakeets have a white, light brown or, light light pink nose. Females can also not be determined by the color their bodies are. Females want to cuddle, be talked to and, may want to sleep with you. 

Age/first molt

          A parakeets age can be hard to determined. It can be easier to tell after
their first molt. A molt is loosing feathers to get new ones. During the molt the
feathers fall out and come in ruffed. (your bird may act kinda grumpy.) They will
have their first molt about 4-6 months old.

Stripes on forehead, dark eyes, tiny spots

 No stripes, dark eyes bigger spots
                                                          4-6months 1st molt

 Clearer eyes, more bigger spots

Clear eyes, no stripes, huge spots

  Signs of molting 

The bird may act grumpy.
Feathers in the bottom of the cage.
Feathers fall out when you pet or hold him.
He shakes puffing up and feather go everywhere.

Bringing home/Behavior 

When you get your parakeet out and he acts very hyper and goes everywhere,
he is trying to take everything in at one time. If he keeps going off your finger
 and goes somewhere dark, He is scared and trying to hide.
The best thing to do when you first get the keet is to leave him in the cage for
 a few days and talk soft to him. Only get him out short periods of time at first.
After working with the keet only get him out if he wants out, keep talking to
him softly.

When your bird is biting or hiding it is good to work with them even more. Try wearing gloves to handle him/her. Keep handling tell the keet trusts you. Then you can remove your gloves.

  • Buy bird seed made for parakeets don't try to feed them anything other then the parakeet bird seed unless its as a treat or used as extras.
  •    When you put fresh bird feed in the cage look at the seeds when the bird is out of food the shells will be left cracked open with the seeds gone. That's when its time to give them fresh food.
  •     When you first get a new parakeet its poop may be runny and that is normal after about two weeks it should clear up. Runny poop is stress. Leaving the pet store to go home with you is stressful on a bird. After you have the bird you will know when something is wrong
  •     sickness they will stay puffed up poop runny maybe not eat.
  • puffed up warm feed it a good thing they are comfy.
  • puffed up long period of time make sure he is not cold or scared.
  • Time to clean the cage when there is poop on its perches and everywhere.
  • Make sure food and water is in safe place so that dropping do not land in it. there is lids made to protect the food and water. They work great.
  • When they open and close there beaks a lot after eating or while eating try getting grit that helps their food sit better on their belly.
  • ALSO MUST BUY THIS POWER! It is in my blog here. It stops bleeding fast best stuff ever! Birds bleed out fast this saves the little life. 
  • Look for a vet now so if something happens you already have the number.
  • When you get a new bird before you introduce it to your other birds wait one month or longer just incase it is sick so that your other ones don't get sick. Birds don't show signs right at first they hide them. 
 Birds can be stressed very easy. They pluck their feathers and may not eat. If their
 droppings are runny and/or green, It's a good sign of stress. Try taking away anything that's new
and if they don't like something don't force it on them. Give them treats and love. 

Not sure what is wrong?

Puffing up, runny droppings, acting different- Stressed by something either new or feeling left out
Red or orange droppings- Shock and or bleeding inside. See a vet!

Chews- Bored, habit, or becomes a habit

yells- Bored or wants you

Dances back and forth- Excited or curious

Puffing and or warm feet- Comfy, calm and, happy

Silent for awhile- Could be cause of something new

Tail bouncing- Can mean many things, scared, alert

Trying to find a dark place
or hanging in the darkest corner- Scared or sleepy

Handing at bottom or cage- Could be sick

Coughing or sneezing sick- See a vet

Rubbing, flicking or, shaking something with his mouth on anything- He is saying this is mine!
He may even do it on you

Moving head up and down- Saying this is mine and acting big and bad

Puke on you- That's their way of love and showing affection
don't be upset if they never do. That don't mean anything

Note: never be to afraid to call a vet.

                                                 NORMAL SIGNS
  • Runny droppings (stressed, keep an eye on)
  • Hanging in corner of cage at the top (he's watching carefully)
  • Silent (scared)
Abnormal signs

  • Not eating after a few days
  • Staying at bottom of cage
  • Runny nose/eyes/poop
  • Limping
  • Shock (see vet)

   Things every parakeet owner should know!!!!

What not to do

Do not not do anything that makes you look like the bad guy.
  • You trimming nails or clipping wings. (Go get them done tell the bird trusts you)
  • Cuffing hand around/holding down.
  • Touching feet or wings.

How to know when keets are sick

If your parakeet looks like this... first be sure they have food and water.
sometimes if they are starving they will do this also.

>Nose will be red and runny
>Coughing or sneezing
>Dirty feathers
>Cloudy eyes
>Less talkative/playful
>Runny droppings
>Red,orange droppings

   Note: Birds don't show to many signs
that they are sick because, they hide it from prey.

   Seek a vet. Any sickness could
 be dangerous for a bird. It is best
 to get them checked before it gets
 too serious and the bird may not
over come it.


VET VET VET!!!!!! shock is serious! Shock happens when your bird is badly hurt or scared lifeless. The bird will have trouble breathing and will be still. They will or may get really weak and wont be able to even stand. Keet may want on you or around you but to weak to get to you. Talk to him softly so he knows your there and don't leave him alone.  With a bird when anything happens you should see a vet the BIRDS LIFE MAY BE ON THE LINE!

  You will want to keep them in the cage that they are normally in at about 80. When heading to the vet.

Getting the Bond started


Keeps mites and other bugs away.

       The Bigger the cage the better! Start out with a small cage so that they will come
 out and get use to you. Once the keet bonds with you, you can add another bird and
 make the cage bigger. Never put to many in one cage. When getting two birds they
will bond with each other and not you.

           Note: once their in a big cage they wont go back to a little one.


Bleach is good to clean with as long as is well rinsed. You will want to be sure that the bottom of the cage is not wet if you putting bedding down because it will mold.

Old bird with new bird?
 You will not want to put them together right away. Take them
out and have them outside of the cage for awhile. The first bird will
 probably feel left out or replaced so it is important to give lots of
 love and care to him. He may puff up and his droppings may become
 runny, It is normal. He will be stressed just try to make him comfy
 and keep everything that he is use to the same.

Parakeets and kids

    Parakeets and kids don't mix. Parakeets like little noise. Kids can be okay if they are clam around the bird but as a pet for a kid wouldn't be good. Parakeets will become scared or mean.


Stay away from colored treats, droppings will
stain you cloths!

 This stuff is fine.

It is nice to have a cover over their food, keeps droppings out.

this is just a treat.

         Parakeet food is what they eat. Don't feed them other bird food or wild bird seed. They can have crackers and sun flowers seeds but they are very very fating. Veggies and fruit are the best. If they wont eat the veggies, try dried fruit and veggies. If they still won't eat it just keep trying. Who really likes stuff that is good for you..

Here are some good ideas to try to get your bird to eat veggies....

1. Try putting them where their treats go
2. Make a toy out of it.
3. Tell them good job when they try it
4. Cut them up in tiny pieces


          You want to always go with the powdered vitamins because, you can put it in their food and most of it is eaten.  


They like anything shiny and anything that they can climb on. Beads are okay
but make sure that they big and are not painted or anything with any color because it
will fade or come off. Anything that fades or comes off could and
probably will poison the bird.

Getting your parakeet to talk

mostly only males talk
       The keet needs to be at least 4-6 months old to talk. The keet will say things that's
said a lot. When working with the bird, you need a place where it is just you and him.
 You want to talk to him softly and calm. The keet will talk really soft at first and you
 may not even know he is talking. At first it will be hard to understand but just keep
saying the words you want him to say over and over. (like teaching a dog to sit.) The
 more you work with the bird, the faster he is to talk. Mirrors are a good idea,
he will talk to himself in it and make all kinds of different sounds that
 they picked up like, running water, laughing, coughing and,
many other sounds. 
 This what he will sound like. http://youtu.be/9xNSTwAPK0k


Just cover them up with a cover over their cage and leave a night light on and off to dream land they will go.

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